Gorge walking, Aviemore

Gorge walking season is back and our Alvie gorge is open for business!

We’ve had some great spring craic with our clients in both our gorges

From our base on Alvie estate we only have a 200m walk from the changing rooms to the Alvie gorge. This gorge involves climbing up small waterfalls, pool swims, a via ferrata climb and a slide plunge at the top. Don’t forget to look up at the zip park clients overhead and maybe do both gorge and zip.

The Gorge is £30 per person and takes about 2.5 hours. A zip and gorge combo is £60.


Alvie gorge walk
Alvie gorge walk






We still use Bridge of Brown gorge and we still think its one of the most beautiful in the country! Being about a 40 min drive from our base it costs a little more at £40 per person but everyone still loves it, even Nick.

Jacky Jackster

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