Nick Etheridge (the Etherbeast)

Hi, I developed my love for the outdoors through skiing. I started skiing before I could walk and started ski teaching    in 1991. Now employed by Basi (British Association of Snowsports
Instructors) running Telemark instructor training courses.

Specialist areas include white water kayak play, winter ski touring and now enjoying sea kayaking expeditions for the last few years.


Mike Gale (the Otherbeast)

Hi, I never developed a love for the outdoors I just got into it for the sole purpose of being one better than Nick Etheridge. I started skiing before I could crawl and started ski teaching in 1990. Now employed by Wasi (World Association of Snowsports Instructors) running courses.

Specialist areas include being better than Nick at White water kayak play, ski touring and Telemarking and everything else except sea kayaking because that’s for old people.


Sarah Swallow

Our Operations manager and all round grown up person that runs the business as Nick and Mike are not even capable of running a bath never mind a business! Sarah is also the best kayaker in the world.




conner-profile-pictureConner Black

Conner is part human part cocker spaniel part bouncy ball and all round smiley guy.






kev-profile-picKev Maule

Kev is the chatty man and is our senior instructor






Roy Henderson

Roy is our Chief badge collector. He has more qualifications than anyone in the world he has so many badges that he has two pairs of swimming trunks to sew his badges on. Roy is our God of
Sea paddling and is the best sea paddle coach in the UK (might not be true but it seems to upset those that think they are).



Dave Felce

Every outdoor company has an old mountain goat and Dave is ours! We are currently waiting for a full reconstruction on Dave’s knees before we let him loose on the hills again. Dave is currently the G2 promotions and event organiser and all round heavy metal lunatic.



Scott Simon

Scott is probably the strongest man in the world and could easily take Jerry Craig on at a red wine drinking competition. Unfortunately Scott is an open boater and a Sea kayaker.