With the first snows on the tops of the Scottish mountains today it’s time to think about getting those skis sorted for winter and all the gear that goes along with ski mountaineering, it’s a long list of toys but for the gear freak this is a great sport, here is but just a few things, ski’s. boots, sallopettes, jacket, gloves, hat goggles, skins, ski crampons, ski mountaineering bindings, rucksack, ice axe, map, transceiver, probe, shovel, compass, altimeter etc etc etc LOTS OF TOYS 🙂

But it’s not just good enough to have all the gear as the saying goes “all the gear no idea” it’s good to put it all into practice so it’s time to think about getting on the hill and practicing hill navigation transceiver search and avalanche awareness. At G2 we are the UK’s specialist ski mountaineering school with courses going on through out the winter season, from first time introduction to intermediate and advance courses not only can we do all the safety stuff we can also coach you in the art of scottish skiing/freeride.

For more ski mountaineering courses and guided tours please call us on 01479 811008 or email info@g2outdoor.co.uk

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