Thanks must go to Gregor at Sweet Potection helmets for supporting us with a pro deal on our staff helmets, we are now fully kitted out in all our sports from snowsports to watersports we are well protected with the best fitting helmets in the world.

The Strutter Helmet pictured is a whitewater icon offering impressive low-volume protection for river running and playboating.
Our revolutionary Long Fiber Thermoplastic (LFT) shell technology offers the perfect combination of elasticity and rigidity, and the ultra rigid internal carbon fiber frontal shell strengthens the helmet and covers your temples.

Mike has been using the Strutter for the last 6 years and has worn nothing else, this helmet is an awesome fit and a really cool design with the peak great for canyoning as it keeps the water out of your eyes in waterfalls. So it’s out with the old blue one and in with the new white helmet.

Also Nash Masson our G2 sponsored athlete is wearing the new bushwacker cycle helmets which are a really cool looking bit of kit and Nash is loving the fit.

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