Zip Line/Wire Adventure Park open through winter

We are still operating the zip trek adventure park through winter so if you are mad about your zip lining or zip wiring or tree adventure parks or whatever you want to call it we are open for business, some of the best zip wiring experience is in the snow check out how stunning it is in the below video:-

We have over 1.5km of zip wires through the stunning forests and over waterfalls located on Alvie Estate, the zip wires start of gently with the first 70m zip wire then the wires build up to bigger and higher zip wires finishing off on the last 12th zip wire which is 350m long with an awesome view and upto a speed of 35mph!

After an awesome summer of zip lining we have decided to stay open through winter for all groups and individuals that are mad enough for some zip action on the UK’s first and only (as far as we know) dedicated zip trek adventure park.

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