I’ve had the new Freedom bindings for 9 days and haven’t broken them so that’s a good start for me, they seem to be really well engineered and feel really nice to ski just like the freeride NTN’s. In powder and soft crude it’s hard to tell the difference between the two types of NTN bindings and even on hard pack and ice the bindings perform well with only slightly less performance than the freeride.

Just a couple of niggles so far when skiing hard or putting a lot of pressure on the binding will go from ski mode to tour mode so it’s really important to make sure the that the ski mode is fully engaged as per picture 3 i.e. give it an extra push down.
The other niggle is that I’ve lost the small heel riser somehow it disappeared?

The tour mode is really nice and feels effortless due to the freedom of movement that the boot has in the binding not that I ever had any problem with the freeride binding as you just adapt to the binding it’s just nice to have the extra freedom that the freedom gives………… errrrrrr maybe that’s why they called it the freedom!

Anyway I’ve attached a few pictures to the blog to show how they work picture 1 shows the boot in the binding before pressing down the lever. Picture 2 shows when you press down the main lever the binding is in tour mode with the pink lever high. Picture 3 shows how to click into tour mode lift the main lever then press it back down and the pink lever will be left up as in picture 4.

All of the functions can be done without bending down which is great when you are old with a bad back like mine 🙂

All in all they are great, I’ll post more reviews as the season goes on.




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