Well we are still hanging on in there with TripAdvsior as their number 1 for things to do not just in Aviemore but the Scottish Highlands and second in Scotland!! Not bad for a bunch of muppets!

Check out the reviews on:-

There has been a lot of controversy with regards to fake reviews on TripAdvisor however in general terms most of the reviews are genuine and by using TripAdvisor a lot you get to spot fake reviews so TripAdvisor is still a great way of finding out information about places and companies.

We have even been given a fake review in the past by a local company obviously jealous of our reviews, but was easy to spot as they had used terminology on the review that only they would use! Durrrrrrrrrrrrr! However TripAdvisor were fantastic and removed it after we explained it was obviously fake, so good on you TripAdvisor.

So for the best Outdoor Activities and things to do in the Scottish Highlands then give us a call on 01479 811008 or visit our website:-


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