NO is the safe answer and NO if running the river with Clients the slot on the Lower River Findhorn is given grade 5 which means there is a potential for DEATH! There are lots of grade 5 paddles in Scotland but the slot holds a scary reputation with a lot of top end paddlers, why is this?

To the niave it looks like a simple ish drop and in my early days of paddling I have blasted through without giving it much thought however I was lucky with my line choice and level of water and didn’t understand the hydrology of the slot at the time, now as I look at the drop with wise (ish) eyes it’s obvious to see why it gets it’s grade 5, river right there is a hidden underwater undercut which has been formed over the years by water slamming into it as the whole of the river water hit’s it from going across from left to right into it, this will to the unsuspecting paddler drag them into the undercut if they get the line wrong.

So yes I did run it the other day! The line looked right, I felt good that’s the buzz we get and that’s one of the reasons why we paddle.


Mike Gale

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