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Zip Trek Park open through winter – Aviemore, Alvie, Scotland, Highlands

Zip Line/Wire Adventure Park open through winter We are still operating the zip trek adventure park through winter so if you are mad about your zip lining or zip wiring or tree adventure parks or whatever you want to call it we are open for business, some of the best zip wiring experience is in […]


Stag and Hen Rafting, Canyoning, Zip Trek and Outdoor Activities Aviemore, Scotland, Cairngorm National Park, Inverness, Perth, Aberdeen and Dundee

Stag and Hen season is starting off nice and sweet with some great bookings in for rafting and canyoning as per usual but also our Zip Trek adventure park is also a winner. Snow zipping:- Our rafting season is also under way however if you are booking please be aware that the River Findhorn […]