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G2 Outdoor Telemark freebee clinics and get together are back!!!!

Hopefully this year we will run our freebee telemark clinics for those wanting to progress or be introduced to the best way to slide around on snow, these will run every wednesday from the 14th January depending on the weather!These used to be open for local instructors to the Cairngorm ski area but we are […]


Telemark Telemark Telemark does it matter about Technique?

Telemark Technique does it matter? Basically No! (BUT!) “The beauty of telemark is the fact that we telemarkers aren’t as hung up on technique as those alpiners and we can do what the heck we want?” A quote by some famous telemark dude!! To some extent this is great telemark philosophy and thats where it […]


G2 Local staff telemark clinic on Cairngorm Mountain

G2 freebee Aviemore local staff Telemark Clinics The forecast was for terrible winds for todays G2 telemark clinics, however what a great day it turned out to be with the winds dropping throughout the day. The clinics where run by G2’s very own Nick Etheridge and Mike Gale, with Scott Simon, Neil Campbell, Sarah Swallow […]