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Canyoning season near Aviemore has started, summer must be here

Well we’ve broken the seal for canyoning this season, with Saturdays group booked in for rafting and no decent water in the Findhorn we gave the boys the option of Canyoning and they went for it! Brrrrrrrrrr however the sun was out and it was suprisingly warm although wearing two wetsuits helps. As is always […]


Zip Line and Ropes Canyoning Aviemore Scotland

G2 Outdoor have one of the best canyons in Scotland if not the UK with awesome plung pools water slides, abseil and Zip slide check out the video for the Zip Slide:- G2 have been canyoning at this site for six years and we are still looking for other sites but none have compared so […]


Aviemore Canyoning

Click here to visit our main Canyoning page or call 01479 811008