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Haglofs haglofs haglofs haglofs we love Haglofs :-)

Why do we love Haglofs outdoor equipment? Is it because we are sponsored by them? Is it because the kit actually works? Is it because the kit looks cool? If we are being honest we would say all of the above and more, however we really need kit that actually works and stands up to […]


Haglofs Outstanding Outdoor Equipment

Well summer is here and we can eventually wear our summer haglofs sponsor kit and as always it will get a good test all be it short as winter will no doubt be next week! This summer we will be mainly wearing the Ardent shorts, Amfibie Shorts and the Active boxers which we year all […]


We can smell winter, break out the Haglofs!!

Well the weather has dropped a hint of Autumn with a slight drop in temperature which means winter is just round the corner…………….break out the haglofs Here’s a few snippets of some of our previous winter videos:- cheers Haglofs