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Zip Trekking is amazing we have proof!

Well that’s the first year of the full zip course being open and what a season it’s been, so thanks must go to everyone who has been on the course this season and flown like mad zipper things through the forset on Alvie Estate. So why is Zip Trekking amazing? Not only have we filled […]


Team and staff development building in the outdoors Aviemore and the Cairngorm National Park

Looking for a unique and challenging way to build your staff team or just give them a great weekend away staff bonding? At G2 Outdoor we have been providing corporate team bonding and building activities for over ten years using the outdoors as the medium to bond your team.We can tailor the activities to your […]


Rafting! But there’s no water! Canyon Canyon Canyon

Rafting near Aviemore and the Cairngorms National Park but there’s no water!!! Nae worries we have Canyoning 🙂 Well the water is mega low at the moment for rafting with only the Spey to raft on which is a pleasant trip but not for those that want excitement, our normal river of choice is the […]