Corporate Outdoor Activities in Scotland

Team Bonding Philosophy

At G2 we believe that most companies have done the usual boring team building activities which usually involve lots of planks of wood, bits of string and standing around getting bored and being analysed by someone who thinks they are a psychologist!! If that’s for you, sorry! We don’t do that.

The G2 philosophy is to take people out into an exciting environment where they maybe out of their comfort zone and into a totally new environment, where they will see how they and their colleagues react to different situations. Rather than psycho analyse our clients strengths and
weaknesses, we encourage individuals to do it for themselves and their colleagues. This can be done by simply having a few beers after the days outdoor activities enabling valuable reflection time. We have various Outdoor activities such as white water rafting, canyoning, rock climbing, hill walking, and canoeing etc.

Individuals will respond better to personal feedback by intrinsic feedback or close colleague external feedback supported by realistic instructor guidance!!!

Various packages can be arranged to cater for your company. Please contact us for further details.