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Its back! We’ve had a wee dusting up high but have now have snowy mountains again…..will it last, is it slide-able? Probably not but its enough to get us scrambling for dusty skis and boards. We have been running and training these past few weeks to get strong for winter but winter is very sneaky! […]


Ski, Telemark and splitboard Cairngorm

    The unholy trinity (ski, telemark, splitboard) Corie Raibert, Cairngorm February 4th 2018   We write this on the first cold wet weekend of the summer and instantly we start dreaming of winter. The 17/18 ski season turned out to be one of the best for snow in years and after the hottest driest […]


Awesome start to 2017/18 winter

Our pre-season training has been paying off and G2 have been out ski touring and split boarding for three weeks now. We’ve been all around the Cairngorms, Monadhlaith mountains and even the wee hills behind the office looking for Pow-town! Already we’ve done more touring that all of last season……..and now its raining ….boo! Once […]


A couple of awesome days in them there Chamonix hills

We can smell winter, break out the Haglofs!!

Well the weather has dropped a hint of Autumn with a slight drop in temperature which means winter is just round the corner…………….break out the haglofs Here’s a few snippets of some of our previous winter videos:- cheers Haglofs