The unholy trinity (ski, telemark, splitboard)

Corie Raibert, Cairngorm

February 4th 2018


We write this on the first cold wet weekend of the summer and instantly we start dreaming of winter.

The 17/18 ski season turned out to be one of the best for snow in years and after the hottest driest summer in years it feels like we have “real seasons”. Who knows what 2018/19 will hold but here are some course dates anyway.

Here are some pictures of just another Monday at work in the Cairngorms.

No clients, no wind and fresh snow had us rushing up to the top of Cairngorm summit and linking some epic first tracks “down the back”. Mike, Kev and Nick.

Corie Raibiert is a steep run down to Loch Avon and requires allot of respect due to Avalanche risk.

We tried to take it easy and avoid the loaded side but big turns were very tempting.

Free the heel man!!!

Loch Avon in winter…..stunning.

Bit of steep hoof back out however a wind blown shoulder provided a safe route.

Kev being left behind on the splitboard. Later this season folks skied across the Loch.


Corie Raibeirt has cliffs either side and being SE facing can become loaded with snow from the prevailing SW winds, it also hits the common avalanche angles of 30 degrees plus in places. Proper assessment and route finding are required. Why not book on one of our Avalanche Awareness courses?


Fancy getting out touring this winter? G2 Outdoor specialise in Scottish ski touring, Telemark, Splitboard and Avalanche awareness training.

Call: 01540 651 784


Thanks to: Haglofs outdoor wear and S&W Snowboarding

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