Our pre-season training has been paying off and G2 have been out ski touring and split boarding for three weeks now.

We’ve been all around the Cairngorms, Monadhlaith mountains and even the wee hills behind the office looking for Pow-town! Already we’ve done more touring that all of last season……..and now its raining


Once the snow is back we’ll be right back out skiing, telemarking, splitboarding and even snowshoeing!!!!

Merry Christmas

Dropping in!!!!
Multi style sliders!

Boarding back to the office


A wee afternoon tour, skinning up from the office door













Scottish Ski touring obstacles
Geal Charn……but which one?


Wet feet?


Incredible early season snow, Dec 14th 2017


No lifts, no crowds, loads of snow


Its not always sunny so remember your map and compass
We even snowshoe now!!! (some of us), Alvie estate, Dec 2017





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