Well it’s been another bonkers busy crazy summer packed full of clients doing stacks of outdoor activities, the zip trek park has been rammed full typically booked out 5 days in advance and it’s been great to get our weekly programme of water activities full most weeks. 

Our weekly outdoor activities programme has been operating for 10 years and allows families to drop in and out of through the week, from gorge walking/swimming and our Paddle Puffer and Pint trip at the start of the week for younger families to our full on Canyoning and White Water rafting for older families at the end of the week.

As always we couldn’t have done it without our staff, the guys and girls that work for us are awesome and as we say at G2 Outdoor the greatest asset to any business is it’s staff and how well they are trained. We have been very fortunate to keep hold of our staff which enables us to keep delivering the same high quality product every year. Our staff structure has remained the same for the last few years with a few tweaks to the model due to the Zip Park becoming an all consuming beast!! So:-

Still at the head of the business Nick and Mike who have turned into even more useless figure heads that actually do no work now they have staff. 

Nick has moved more into running the zip trek park as this has become the biggest part of the business and needs full time managing however we have mangaed to drag Nick out kicking and screaming to do some of the other activities this year and we’ve even managed to get him out kayaking again! 

Mike is still trying to avoid work by pretending he is doing social media work when actually he’s facebooking all day, still obsessed with paragliding despite the weather being pants this year!

So Our staff this year based at the Unit in Aviemore delivering mainly Canyoning, rafting and gorge walking have been:-

Sarah who has been with us for 5 years and is in charge of the day to day running of everything and is our ops manager (Oops manager!) Who use to be a gnarly kayaker and outdoor ninja until she found the office chair, coffee and cake facilities. 

Conner has been with us for a couple of years and is our hyper daft spaniel trainee that has to back flip every jump and raft trip.

Kev Maule has come on board this year as our chief instructor but is actually Conner’s trainee (according to Conner), Kev is renowned throughout the world for his lazy chat, slight campness and ability to be way late back from every session than everyone else.

Bastien is French

Tomas has been with us for a couple of years in the past and has made a two week comeback to help us out this year, Tomas is mad.

Olly Bowman has also helped us out as freelance member of staff, Olly is also the best Canyon guide in the world

Thanks must go to all our staff for being awesome and also special!

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