Ski mountaineering season is well under way with some good early ish ski and split board tours in the Scottish highlands being had. With good cover down to vehicle level in certain places it’s skins on at the car and away we go without having to walk in for an hour with our skis on our rucksacks and with more snow forecast from mid week onwards with potentially calm weather next weekend then it’s time to dust off the skis if you haven’t done already and get out!
If you are unsure of going into the hills on your skis or want to brush up on some skills then we do bespoke courses to suite your needs, from ski technique to avalanche awareness courses these can be one day or more courses.

At G2 Outdoor we pride ourselves on our skiing background although we have a mountaineering background we are ski mountaineers for the skiing and will always seek out the best lines whether you are an alpine skier, telemark skier or a split boarder.

As part of G2 Outdoor our ski mountaineering school has been running for over ten years and we will try our best to pass on our knowledge of staying safe and enjoying yourself in the hills.

We also do ski guiding so if you just want to do backcountry and be guided to find the best lines then give us a call on 01479 811008 or contact us on

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