Good job we love canyoning!! The rivers have been way too low to do any decent white water rafting so we’ve been flat out taking groups canyoning this year which is fine by us as we prefer canyoning by miles 🙂

We have been at our usual canyon locations with most of the canyoning done at Laggan and Bruar with plenty of upper Bruar trips and a couple of the mighty Dundonell trips with fairly low water most of the year which takes the stress out of canyon guiding for the instructors. We have our usual guides at G2 that have been with us for some years Sarah Swallow, Olly Bowman, Mike Gale and a couple of new guides this year Nash Masson and Trainee Conner Black who have fitted in well to the G2 way. The G2 trainee scheme lasts about 10 years so only another 9 to go Conner! We believe that trainees should not just be qualified but be well experienced before becoming full instructors. Many traineeships last a year and then they become full instructors we believe our clients deserve better and I suppose thats why we are number 1 on TripAdvisor :-)(It’s not quite ten years!. Check out the video below that one of our groups produced:-

As always we try to use the best gear and our Seland wetsuits are standing up well to the canyons with a few minor repairs here and there, the wetsuits are so good we even do winter canyoning, thats 10mm of rubber for you!

We are still putting our guides through the UK canyon Guides scheme and we are one of the most qualified and experienced teams operating in the UK for Canyoning.

We have also been lucky enough to get a pro deal for our Guides helmets from Gregor GB Brearly at Sweet Protection and most of us have gone for the Strutter helmet, check out Harris our trainee trainee doing a front flip at our gorge site at bridge of Brown in his Sweet Protection helmet

So mad for some canyoning action? 01479 811008

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