It’s been an awesome season for the zip trek course with over a billion people this summer errrrr ok lots of people enjoying the UK’s only zip trek course from snow zipping in spring to glorious summer days through into stunning autumn weather it’s been a beautiful time. With great reviews from our clients the zipping is a real winner with and is a great addition to the awesome activities and things to do in Aviemore, the course now boasts 12 zip wires giving over 1.5 km of zipping but thats not the course finished!

Hopefully by December we should have the last and final zip in place, this will be a whopping 550m beauty which will tip us over the 2km mark!

From our humble beginings of our first Zip wire at the Laggan canyon 8 years ago:-

 To 2km of zipping awesomeness based on Alvie Estate:-

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