Just had a great week out in Germany just near the Austrian border near Sonthofen helping run a UK Canyon guide level 1 training and assessment course with Ben Starkie, based at the RAF Forces development Training Centre our task was to assess the local canyons to see if safe enough for use, run the level 1 guide course and eat as much cheesecake as possible!

Below is a video someone produced of the Starzlachklamm Canyon which is perfect for single pitch group use:-

Starzlachklamm Canyon

We managed to escape from the single pitch environment and go on to something more challenging so we headed to the Sababach Canyon just over the Austrian border:-

Canyoning Sababach (Tirol) 2009 from Wolfgang Streicher on Vimeo.

A great wee canyon with some quality Abseil’s about about 20 of them, a great day out and we earned our cheesecake for the day.

A great week with two of the guys passing their Canyon guide level 1 apart from Ben wearing his speedo’s to walk into the Canyons, here’s a wee video of Ben (children and those sensitive look away!):-

Bring on the cheesecake 


Mike Gale

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