Outdoor Activities Aviemore and the Cairngorms 2012 with G2 Outdoor

Well the Scottish kids have gone back to school and it’s been another awesome summer for outdoor activities at G2 Outdoor with our summer programme in it’s 10th year of running working a treat with still another 3-4 weeks of English holidays left. 

Outdoor Activity Trends?

We are quite lucky with our variety of work in the outdoors from gorge walking to ski mountaineering and zip wiring to rock climbing and the length of time we have been based in Aviemore it’s interesting to see the changes that have taken place throughout this time. 10 years ago we used to be flat out gorge walking now groups and families have moved on and are wanting bigger thrills like canyoning, canyoning being the grown up version of gorge walking the two gorge walks we have are great but they are not a patch on the Laggan canyon and the Bruar Canyon or if you are full on extreme then we have the Dundonell canyon!! Click on link below to go to canyoning:-


Also Aviemore and the Cairngorms has seen a massive surge in outdoor activities and things to do since we set up 12 years ago, originally we were the only outdoor company based in Aviemore doing “walk in off the street activities” now there are 5,6 or 7 companies offering simialar products and this has caused some good competition and some bad competition but one of the major pluses for customers is variety and they are loving being in Aviemore for that reason.

Our Zip Trek Adventure Park was developed with that in mind as we have lots of returning clients and want to give them something extra to do it has been going down a storm with not just existing clients but new ones, over summer holidays we have had two full groups nearly everyday which is aweome, click on the link below to got to zip page:-


Stag and hen outdoor activities trends?

The Stag and Hen market is a funny one, each year it changes from having shed loads of work to have bits and bobs and this year it started off really well and as we got into summer went a bit naff with the end looking fairly good. The main contributing factor is competition this is a massive draw for all the local outdoor companies jumping in on the act, since we started offering stag and hen outdoor activities 12 years ago we have noticed a down trend in the amount of groups coming to us, regularly every Saturday we would have 3 x groups of 20 canyoning  and one group rafting now it’s only be one group of 20 canyoning and one group of 20 rafting. 

We have found that a lot of groups are deversifing from the usual stag rafting or stag canyoning to adding in extra activities i.e. raft and zip park or canoe and bushcraft skills.


So overall is it still worth doing outdoor activities in Aviemore and the Cairngorms even after all this competition and recession hiting peoples pockets hard?

Damn right we are up 30% this year 🙂

Still doing the outdoor thing and loving it maybe we should finish on a high, last year this year?


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