Well here we go again, more zip building, not only do we have the UK’s first Zip trek adventure park we are going to add some of the longest zip lines in the UK to it, the first we are going to do in the next month or two at 400m long, this brings the total length upto 2km of zip wire and doubles the existing longest zip wire!
So the cable has been ordered play time here we come!

The second of the long zips will be 600m long which will finish the zip trek adventure amazingly, this should be up and running for next year and maybe even this year if we can find enough money to build it!

We’ve had some awesome reviews from our Zip park, check out Tripadvisor, that makes us no.1 in the Scottish Highlands!! Not bad for a bunch of muppets!


Looks like we’ll have to change our leaflets from the original 7 zips to 11!


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