Well we’ve broken the seal for canyoning this season, with Saturdays group booked in for rafting and no decent water in the Findhorn we gave the boys the option of Canyoning and they went for it! Brrrrrrrrrr however the sun was out and it was suprisingly warm although wearing two wetsuits helps.

As is always the way when you break the seal the flood gates open and we had another group on Sunday who conquered the mighty Laggan Canyon.

Cheers to our groups canyoning this weekend stunning weather great Craic and not too cold, Canyoning season is up and running until it snows again!

G2 have been providing canyoning and gorge walking trips for over ten years and we still love getting out and getting wet with groups, we have some of the best canyoning and gorge walking trips in the UK and we are passionate about making our product better, we keep exploring different canyons to extend our range of canyons and we are one of two companies in the UK that are qualified through the UK canyon guides. 


 Fo more information give us a call on 01479 811008 or visit the above link

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