Neil fires out a long line at G2’s favourite swff venue

So the first snows of winter are upon us and G2’s fly-fishing season draws to a close… And what a season we had!

                                        A feisty pollack from the far NW

Big fish, great fun and stunning locations… What’s more, we got to savour the fruits of our efforts:

Mackerel fillet on sauteed potatoes

                          A couple of monster pollack fillets cooked in the field

Kayak fishing, along with salt-water fly fishing (swff), is the fastest growing field in fishing. Here at G2 we’ve been using our kayaking skills to access some remote and seldom-fished areas:

                                  Another hard-fighting pollack on the fly

So, if you fancy trying something new, why not give us a call? We can teach you new skills, show you new tactics and techniques and take you to some amazing locations! Who knows, you may even get to eat well, too…

Once we’ve finished skiing, of course!

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