Another awesome summer season

Has it been a good season? 
Damn right
Although a very different year from last year when it came to numbers of people distributed throughout the year the summer holidays were still as mental as always despite the amount of competition out there.
The biggest thanks must go to our Staff as always we couldn’t do it without them so cheers to Charlie, Sarah, Mark, Roy, Jerry, Nash and Martin.
As always each year we try and do something different and this years project was our Zip Trek / Park course which we have set up on Alvie Estate, this was an awesome project and has given us and the area another great activity to offer to clients. Alvie Estate have been amazing with their great open laid back approach, so thanks to all at Alvie for making the Zip Park possible.
Martin fallen asleep whilst being rescued

Also we have been developing our canyoning sessions with new areas and different techniques which has made us more versatile making the experience much better for clients. We made an exploritary journey down to the Falls of Bruar in March and can’t quite believe why we never used this 10 years ago, this is a fantastic area for canyoning giving a range of choices from full on canyoning to easy “I’m a bit scared” canyoning!

Canyoning at the Falls of Bruar
So the future is looking good, what next?
Back to what we Love…………..Snow

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