Ski mountaineering courses dates have been posted on our website:-

Dates are:-

Winter course dates 2011/2012

Introduction to ski mountaineering (IS1)
Introduction to backcountry skiing (IB)
Intermediate ski mountaineering (IS2)
Alpine ski mountaineering prep (AP)
Spring touring (ST)
1 Day avalanche awareness for skiers (AA)

January 2012

28th-29th | IS1
28th-29th | IB

February 2012

4th-5th | IS1
4th-5th IS2
4th-5th | IB
11th-12th | AP
11th-12th | IS2
25th-26th | IS1
25th-26th | IB
27th-29th | IS2

March 2012

3rd-4th | AP
10th-11th | IS1
26th-28th | IS2

April 2012

2nd-4th | ST
7th-8th | ST

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