Tayside Police is warning of the dangers of jumping into unknown waters after a 23-year-old man fractured his femur and pelvis having jumped 20ft into a river pool from a ledge at Killiecrankie on Saturday 30 July 2011.

The man had been one of a group of four who were ‘canyoning’ when the incident happened. He was airlifted to hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The men were not part of an organised ‘canyoning’ group and this incident highlights the dangers involved in entering unknown waters from a height.

There is a similar activity called ‘tombstoning’ which is the practice of jumping into water from bridges, rocks or other structures.

Police warn that this is clearly very dangerous as you do not know what lurks under the surface and the sudden impact of cold water and strong currents may make swimming very difficult.

There are local groups which specialise in ‘canyoning’ trips and have all the necessary training and equipment to ensure that it is undertaken in the safest way possible.

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