Rafting near Aviemore and the Cairngorms National Park but there’s no water!!! Nae worries we have Canyoning 🙂

Well the water is mega low at the moment for rafting with only the Spey to raft on which is a pleasant trip but not for those that want excitement, our normal river of choice is the Findhorn however it’s a dry ditch at the moment and the rafts just get stuck on every rock.

So whats the alternative?

CANYON CANYON CANYON. All groups that book in for rafting we will tell them that there maybe low water conditions and if they are after excitement then the canyon is a great alternative, with all of the groups saying they wished they had booked for canyoning after doing it.

We have a few canyon sites with our main site at laggan which is our busiest group canyon site, we have also our new Alvie gorge/canyon site which is for groups after something not as extreme and we have also the Dundonell Canyon which is the full on real deal Canyon for small groups of up to 6, this canyon is probably the best canyon in the UK (as voted by the UK Canyon Guides).

Laggan Canyon Pictures:-

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