Is it a Gorge or a Canyon?

Hmmmmmmm what is it? well it’s wet, it’s rocky and new to us so who cares but it certainly ticks the box as a gorge but does it have the highly coveted title of a canyon? Well it has a nice big waterfall in it that needs some ropework so I suppose it ticks the canyon box but should a canyon site have more than one waterfall?!?

Who knows the rules but we reckon soon as you need a rope then hey presto it’s a canyon.

Gorge walking = Non Technical

Non-Technical in our eyes means no ropes just a sling or wee hand line  

Canyoning = Technical 

Technical to us means use of ropes and a harness to Abseil or Climb whilst in the Canyon in normal conditions or in case of an escape.

So if your keen to try our new Canyon or gorge walking site then we should hopefully have it up and running before Summer so give us a call on 01479 811008 or visit our website:-

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