Bring on the Canyoning and Gorge walking

With the rivers being a little too low for full on exciting rafting we are telling all our crazy clients who want something a bit more exciting to go Canyoning or gorge walking, Canyoning being the grown up version of gorge walking which involves ropes for abseiling and generally canyoning starts at the top and finishes at the bottom, however we have just discovered our new gorge/canyoning site at Alvie which is awesome although not quite a canyon falls into the category of gorge walking but feels like a canyon!?!

Our exciting rafting is normally on the River Findhorn however at the moment it is a dry ditch, with the readings on the graph of less than 150cm of depth in the river!!! very low!

For more information on rafting, canyoning or gorge walking call G2 on 01479 811008 or visit our website:-

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