Well we have the snow back with avengance and it’s not stopped snowing for days. Sent the avalanche forecast through the roof but we still managed to make clients happy. The snow as usual has come in on gale force winds making progress slow going.

These guy have come all the way from all over Europe and as far as Morocco just to go touring with G2. Well touring in Scotland anyway. Difficult day Yesterday touring from Glenmore level to the top of the Fiacail Poma was as far as we got. Skiing down in over knee deep fresh snow. So heavy you couldn’t turn or you would stop.

Better day today after getting the mini bus stuck on the way up Glenfeshie. Bit of shovel work and worry about it at the end of the day. Following the red burn path towards Meal old Toenail in a snow storm that would not give up. Bailed off the top of there down the south east face to find some quite nice snow. The euros loved it in typical style !!

We even finished with a little tree skiing on the way home. Now for the usual quandary where to go tomorrow?? Any ideas?

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