A big thanks must go to our sponsors for powering us:-

These guys have been sponsoring us on and off for nearly ten years, starting off with Scarpa’s legendary T1 terminator telemark boots through to Scarpa’s rock climbing boots, our latest additions are the TX comps the TX pro’s and the Skookums. Scarpa have always produced consistently awesome boots which not only give a precise fit but can match and beat any other boot on the market.

Haglofs have been supporting us for 5ish years now keeping us warm and dry which is no mean feat for the Scottish Highlands in full winter flow! The kit is awesome from thermals through to full 3 layer Gore-tex, some of our kit has lasted more than two seasons of use as one season is usually max in scotland.

G3 Genuine Guide Gear
G3 are our latest sponsor and we are loving the kit, Nick is currently riding their new Tonic ski with Onyx bindings and Mike is on their new Zen Oxide ski.

Mountain Spirit
A big thanks must go to Rob and Ang from Mountain Spirit for supporting us. 

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