Here we go again! After ten years you’d think we’d get bored of it, however some of the funniest and craziest groups are stag and hen groups that we never get bored of from mad rafting on the Findhorn to crazy canyoning at laggan!

Some of the most popular outdoor activities are rafting and canyoning but we have taken stag groups sea kayaking on the stunning west coast of Scotland to “Deliverence style” canoeing and overnight camping on the Spey!

A stag group stuck in a canyon somewhere in Scotland
“Deliverence Style” canoe/camping trip!
So what ever floats your boat, rafting, canyoning or you have a mad cap idea then I’m pretty sure we can accommodate you, speak to Nick or Mike at G2 and we can help you out with accommodation and best pubs, food etc.
Call on 01479 811008 or email on

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