Another stunning day on Cairngorm. Eventually!
It started out with an abandond attempt to get to the Ceist Carpark in the van. Lost traction at the sugar bowl car park so that was as far we could go. Clents out the back pushing. Well you have to earn your turn have you not?

Walk up to the Ceist as was every man and his dog on winter skills courses. No question we were all going to earn our money today. Struggling against a good 60-70 mph winds and zero viz at times we made it up to the top of the old Anoch poma line. Weather seemed to ease a litle so we kept going to the top station only to meet Colin and the team clearing an amazing amount of snow from the doors at the Ptarmigan.

Spot of lunch and a ski down the Ceist Gully. The wind has been moving a lot of snow about but all the way down the hill and off again. Gully filled with wall to wall satrugi. Skiable enough though.

Weather better looking for tomorrow so hopefully get a bit further. Fingers crossed.

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