Well it looked like a mental busy hell on the slopes of Cairngorm today as we headed off towards Lurchers Gully. 200 meters away from the car park and there was nobody, no noise and no other ski tracks. Perfect!

Headed straight up to the top of Lurchers Crag for some very moods scenes looking across to Sron na Lairig.

Bit of poor vis up to the summit of Carin Lochian but what do you expect its Scotland. Plenty of climbers and Mountaineers about even if they were hard to see!

But cleared for a great ski back down Lurchers Gully. Snow was almost perfect and really starting to softem towards the bottom. Turning to very stick porridge! Skiing made all the more sweet by making tracks down before Doug Cooper and his Lodge group did.

Great day out and didn’t queue once. I love touring!

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