Don’t forget to change your NTN power tubes

I’ve been on the NTN system for about 2 years now and have been riding them most days throughout winter and absolutely love the way the system works however I’ve felt the springs and the boots have become softer, I’ve been using the blue power tubes in the NTN bindings which are the medium springs which provide adequate spring back for a medium size rider however these have become softer after two years of hard use and are not holding the rear foot as well at high speed.

Below is a shot of the new red power tubes inserted

The main indicator that told me the springs were dying was when I tried a friends pair of new NTN bindings which had much better heal retention, so a trip to Mountain spirit in Aviemore was called for and after uumming and aarrrring went for the harder red tubes not just because I’m fat but because I’ve always been a hard tely rider and after trying these springs realised I’d picked the right springs, not only were they suited to my style of riding but the newness had rejuvenated the NTN bindings giving spring and life back to every turn.

Also this year I have switched from the Scarpa TX pro boot to the TX comp version as I have felt the TX pro have become soft as well through extended use, however after riding the TX comp these are not that much stiffer which I suppose is the beauty of the system as the stiffness comes from the power tubes.

If the NTN boots had the stiffness of the old T1 race then we would be riding toe high as a lot of people were which is an inefficient way of telemarking as we should be pushing with the ball of the foot into the sweet spot of the ski rather than cranking the binding toe high and into the front of the ski.

All in all this system is awesome and like any other system needs maintaining, a new set of springs will do wonders for the life of your NTN bindings.

Check the video below of the NTN’s in action


Mike Gale

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