Well this is the first of many blogs keep you up to date with the ski mountaineering we have been up to. My aim is to keep it up to date with the images of groups and staff trips as well as equipment reviews and tests.
After clocking up over 40 days touring in Scotland last winter and not keeping the blog up dated I have had my wrist slapped by Mike so I’ll start the way I mean to go on.
I’ve just come back from a week in the Manchester Chill Factore running a Basi level 1 telemark instructor course. Was a great chance to stretch the new season’s legs and start thinking about the new season. The guys all passed and the Chill Factore was a great facility for training. I’d recommend you get yourself down there for some pre Scotland ski training.

Whiles down there what does it do but dump a load of snow back home on Cairngorm. Only home for a couple of days and straight back off to work I thought I wouldn’t get a chance of a turn or two. Early morning wake up call for the kids to get off to school and it looks like a blue bird day. Even though I’m catching a 3.30 train from Aviemore to Edinburgh to start a 14 hour night shift I couldn’t pass up on a bit of early season exercise. Quick drive up to the Cairngorm car park then skins on for the first time in the 2010/2011 season. Limited by time so only a sprint up through the ski area up to the summit. I must admit the road bike all summer has left the legs feeling strong for the up hills. Decent back the same way passing Mark Diggins from the Avalanche information service on the way down. Unfortunately all the road biking has done nothing for the telemark legs on the way down!!

Great to see the ski area so full of compact snow and up and running for skiers so early. Fingers crossed for a season like last year.

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