So how has summer been at G2? Well, pretty mental busy with no sign of the current recession biting Aviemore and the Cairngorms in the Outdoor Activities sector so hopefully we will survive another year! (we’ve been saying it for 10 years). Despite competition in Aviemore we seem to be holding our heads above the rest maybe it’s because we have a strong product as we have awesome staff that deliver quality sessions day in day out. We thought last year was our busiest but this year has topped it for visitor numbers.

Along side Charlie our first trainee who has been with us for 4 years we have also taken on Sarah throughout summer and has fit in well with the rest of the team delivering great session and cups of tea throughout summer. Roy our technical advisor has been working flat out Sea Kayaking interspersed with Ski work through summer! Nick and Mike have done their annual staff training this year gaining their level 5 aspirant Kayak coach status.

A big thanks must go to all our staff for the hard work(tea drinking) that they have done this summer so thanks Charlie, Sarah, Mark, Jerry, Roy, steve, Scott, Kirsten.

So what’s next? Bring on winter! We are all desperate to bring out the touring skis and smash some slopes let’s hope we have a good season with loads of bookings in already I hope this will be half as good as the last one.

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