Aviemore Rothiemurchus and the Cairngorms has some awesome outdoor activities from white water rafting to rock climbing and canyoning but be careful who you book with as some “so called” outdoor activity providers are just a booking agency and you will a) be charged more (as the booking agency makes there cut)and  b) could have anyone running the session.

At G2 we run our own activities and don’t “farm” the work out to anyone else and therefore we don’t charge on top of the activity price. We also know that you will be getting someone who has been trained to keep you safe and have a good time as our staff have been with us for up to ten years.

G2 have been operating for ten years and have found the best areas for outdoor activities in and around the Cairngorm national  park with our instructors working these areas for several years to give you the best experience in the outdoors.

So when booking your activity ask the bookings person a few questions:-

1) How long have they been doing that specific activity for.

2) Whats the name of the instructor

3) How long has the instructor been doing the activity for

4) Are they leeching off other activity providers that have been in the area providing quality outdoor activities for ten years?

For quality activities call G2 Outdoor on 01479 811008 or visit our website www.g2outdoor.co.uk

So how do you know we are any good? visit Trip Advisor for reviews from our clients see the green box on the right.

Watch out for leeches!!

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