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EmScott77   2 contributions
London, United Kingdom
Jul 18, 2010
We went Canyoning with G2’s Sarah and Nick…. the weather was grey and a little drizzly but the Canyoning was so good! I was pretty scared, I love the thrills but do have trouble jumping off cliffs, but they were absolutely great encouraging me just the right amount but without forcing me… I did try almost everything except the highest jump which I just couldn’t do… maybe another time 😀
We were a bit unsure what to take but basically it just requires swimsuit to go under the wetsuit and a pair of trainers, I used my running shoes but I think cross/treking trainers would be a bit better, if it’s cold you may benefit with a rash vest or similar under the wet suit.
Anyway, next time we’re up there i’m sure we’ll be going back if not for the Canyoning then for the White Water Rafting which we didn’t get to do this trip!

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