This is a recent review on Trip Advisor, thanks Scott

Crash helmets, waterfalls, stuff of legends.

14 lads with wetsuits and crash helmets mounted g2’s canyoning route on saturday. Expertly guided by Nick and Roy. Two personable chaps with extensive experience of throwing themselves bodily into and off waterfalls. The river had been low due to the great weather, so the programmed rafting expedition had been replaced by canyoning. A brilliant substitution! I had never even thought of flinging myself down rapids and off ledges before. But after the first few chicanes i was hooked! I highly recommend to any stag parties/bestmen to seriously consider throwing caution, and your thoughts of self preservation to the wind and take a trip down river with g2 and their boys. A great day.
thanks lads we’ll be back!
Scott Ironside

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