At G2 we like to pride ourselves on the fact that we can run all our own activities and not have to farm the work out to anybody like a booking agency, our instructors have been with us for ten years and we know what they are delivering to our clients (most of the time they are awesome!)

Unfortunately the web makes it easy for people to set up businesses and then just farm the work out to anybody who says “yes” I can do it.

This is quite endemic in Aviemore with a lot of booking type agencies acting as outdoor activity providers which can be confusing for the clients getting passed on to different people and also the quality is lost in the activity as most of the booking agencies will bring in any freelancer to do the work and not have consistency!

“the sign of a good business is if they can keep their staff”

“the sign of a bad business is a high turnover of staff”

So what we are saying is ner ner na ner ner grow up and deliver quality activities yourselves or don’t bother at all!!

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