Possibly the best Telemark boot binding and ski combination, well I’ve not broken them yet!

The new NTN’s are awesome, maybe not the choice of the purist but hey they usually can’t tely and they like the excuse of using crap kit! Maybe a bit harsh as the ntn’s are probably ideal for the purist! Why? The flex pattern on the Scarpa TX Pro boots are a lot, dare i say it “softer” and helps reduce trying to squash the belows as in the new ish type tele boots i.e. T1-Race which made you feel like you had to ride the back ski just to squash the belows.  This therefore allows the skier to ride both skis equally which is as we know the best way to ride Tele’s but thats another subject!!

The bindings themselves provide instant boot to ski movement with very little lost action which I find is nice as I’m very lazy and don’t like to waist any effort! The bindings feel very different to any bindings i have skied before as the leverage point is different to anything else, the binding cups the front foot very nicely and combined with the Scarpa TX Pro provides an awesomely smooth action, again allowing the skier to ride both skiis equally, having not tried the other boot manufacturers it’s hard to say how smooth they would be.

NTN  versus normal bindings? To be honest if you can tely normal bindings then you are not going to feel a vast difference so why bother? For me personally the binding and boots feel so precise and efficient but providing a much smoother flex you could say “It’s the little extra bits that count”! Well worth it!


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