Had one of the funniest days of my life last Tuesday on the River Roy Canoeing, as we approached the put in point for our Canoes we were flagged down by a farmer who had a cow stranded on the river bank on a rock ledge. Naturally we said we would help out but the farmer said there was little hope as as we got near to the cow it would panick and jump into the river. A plan was formulated and Mark and myself approached the cow rope in hand to noose the cow so we could pull it back across the river, just as the farmer said the cow panicked and jumped into the river so i jumped on it’s back to get the noose round it’s neck not realising that everyone was rolling about the floor laughing as the scene of me riding a cow down a grade 3 rapid was too much to bear.

Jerry also swam and his canoe self Journeyed down grade 4 rapids and came out at the end looking pretty mangled. Check out Jerry just before he swam.

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